Dodge Viper :: Importing


On the 8th of May 2000, the Motor Vehicle Standards Act was reviewed and amended, the Low Volume Scheme of importing used vehicles into Australia was replaced with the RAWS Scheme ( Registered Automotive Workshop ) a certification scheme for low volume imports.

New legislations and requirements were put into place for assurance purposes including the requirement of RAWS certification to ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and determinations and rules set out to prevent the importation of damaged vehicles.

Under the new scheme, only a RAW can import a used vehicle up to 15 years old that meets SEVS criteria ( Specialist Enthusiast Vehicles Scheme).

Compliancing is now based on vehicle by vehicle evidence to stringent ADR (Australian Design Rules) and VSB4 ( Vehicle Standards Bulletin )for vehicle conversions from left to right hand drive.

All Companies certified as a RAW come under close scrutiny and only those meeting all requirements will be issued with this approval.   Contact DOTARS at for further information in relation to RAWS and SEVS scheme or on importing vehicles into Australia.

The RAWS scheme is governed by DOTARS ( Department of transport and regional services) and Standards Australia.

We suggest you contact us before purchasing or importing your vehicle to discuss further requirements.